Whether you’re a first time flyer or veteran flyer, it’s best to always stay abreast of travel safety tips. We’ve got a few to share with you.

  • Stay alert and immediately report any suspicious activity to airport security .
  • Arrive at the airport early to allow for plenty of time to make it through security. Be sure to allow even more time when traveling with infants, young children, elderly or disabled passengers.
  • Don’t make jokes about terrorism, bombs, guns, hijacking or other issues that are the concern of airport security. These jokes are inappropriate and may get you into serious trouble with the law .
  • Pack your own luggage. Be prepared to answer questions about who packed your bags, if you left your bags unattended at any time, accepted items from others to carry on the plane or if you are carrying any hazardous materials.
  • Don’t travel with wrapped packages since security will have to open them if X-rays are unable to identify the contents. Wrap gift packages after you arrive at your destination.
  • Don’t overpack your luggage. Cramming items in your bags will make inspection more difficult.
  • Know that all checked bags and carry-on material are subject to being hand-searched.
  • If your luggage has locks, keep the keys available in case your luggage needs to be inspected.
  • Mark your luggage so it can easily be identified as yours. Use something that makes your bags unique, but avoid items that could be caught on a conveyor belt. Colorful tape works nicely.