If there’s one thing we love at DriveTheNation.com, it’s road trips. More specifically, we love helping our readers ensure their travel experiences are the best yet. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to be wealthy to enjoy lavish excursions. To create memorable moments with those who matter most, our team at DriveTheNation.com has compiled our favorite ways to save up for your next adventure. Below we have included 10 Unique Savings Tips for Your Travel Fund:

10. Use Savings Accounts to Find Money

There are a number of banks that provide automatic transfer options that make it easy to save. Bank of America’s “Keep the Change” program and Wells Fargo’s “Way2Save” are two examples, but most financial institutions offer automatic transfers that you can always set up from payroll or through your checking account to auto-save some money on payday.

9. Reward Your Savings While Making Good Habits

Kind of like a “swear jar”, create a physical piggy bank for any bad habit that you would like to kick. Whenever you find yourself slipping, penalize yourself through a contribution to your jar. Alternatively, you can create a rewards system for healthy habits instead. Drop in some cash when you make it to the gym or when you resist temptation.

8. Turn Rewards Points into Savings

Research credit cards and responsibly use them for all of your monthly expenses (gas, bills, groceries). Keep a register and immediately pay off the balance you added at least weekly. Then, transfer your cashback rewards into your savings.

7. Keep Cash and Save the Change

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Many have found great success in budgeting for the week in advance. Set a side a certain amount of spending money for the week and allocate this as your total allowance. Then, save the change from your transactions and contribute this to your piggy bank instead.

6. Re-evaluate Your Services

Before you pay your next monthly bills, read through the line items. Call your service companies and find out if there’s anything you can cancel or downgrade. Perhaps you don’t really need that extra phone line or DVR in every room. Consider opportunities to simplify your spending and then cut out the subscriptions you don’t really need.

5. Make a Trade

There are a number of trading companies that will accept your contributions in exchange for something else. The Amazon Trade-In Program, for example, lets you trade in eligible items such as textbooks, electronics, video games, DVDs, and more for an Amazon.com Gift Card that can go towards that suitcase or winter coat you need for your next adventure.

4. Make Better Grocery Buying Decisions

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Grocery costs can quickly add up, so it’s important that you are spending wisely. In an effort to cut grocery costs and save for your next vacation instead, consider exploring tools like Flipp.  Flipp makes weekly shopping easy with the most digital circulars and coupons from the brands you love. Many brands, like Target for example, also have their own coupon apps available for download as well.

3. Get a Library Card

Did you know that you can check out more than just books at your local library? With a library card, you can rent movies, magazines and more for free. Certainly a cheaper alternative to purchasing the item, it also beats costly rentals from Netflix or RedBox.

2. Enroll in a High-Interest Online Savings Account

Many online savings accounts pay interest rates that are far higher than your typical brick-and-mortar savings account. With 1.05% APY no monthly service fee or minimum balance requirement, Synchrony is just one example of a high-interest savings account that can help you save some cash. Your account automatically earns perks — such as free checks, hotel and theme park discounts, and more — and even comes with your own ATM card.

1. Unsubscribe from Store Emails

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Sometimes, it’s hard to resist the urge to click. As a way to keep you from making impulse purchases on things you want but don’t really need, consider unsubscribing from emails to your favorite stores and restaurants. Better yet, if you’re tempted to get something, close the window and instead deposit the amount of the item into your trip fund instead.

With a little advanced planning and the willingness to postpone gratification, you too can enjoy the best trip of your life. Do you have any tips that you would like to share with our readers? We invite you to comment below and let us know. Happy (and safe!) travels!