The average person can probably name about 3-4 mustards: yellow, brown, honey, dijon and stoneground. Right? (Were you able to name more? Let us know in the comments.)

But did you know there’s about…6,000 more that you’ve never even heard of?

Yes, you read that right. Six thousand. All of them from the United States, as well as 70 other countries. Whether you’re a die-hard mustard eating fan or now you’re just plain curious, inside of this post we are going to tell you where you can sample all of them, and why you want even to.  

Are you ready? 


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Yes, really. Mustard! 

In October of 1986, founder Barry Levenson was wandering around an all-night grocery store when he saw the mustard aisle and got the strange idea to open an all mustard museum.

In 1992, he finally did it. He left his job as Assistant Attorney General for the State of Wisconsin to become the proud owner of what would quickly become one of Wisconsin’s most popular museums and most-visited attractions: The National Mustard Museum

The collection became so big throughout the years that they’ve had to move locations twice. It’s currently located in downtown Middleton, Wisconsin (which is about 45 minutes from Wisconsin Dell and 2 hrs from Chicago.) 

Why Visit?

Visit because you love spontaneous road trips? And mustard? Or you have an interest in strange museums? Or because you suddenly have a craving for a dirty water dog smothered in your favorite type of yellow topping?

And because it’s free.

That’s right. This strange, and delicious museum is free to enter and wander about. They do however accept donations if you want to give back. And you still have to make it past the gift shop on your way out. So, don’t leave your wallet at home. You’ll be sorry. 


Inside of the museum, you will learn all about the most extensive mustard collection in the world, the history of the different mustards featured, various exhibits, and the Tasting Bar. A fan favorite.

Sample mustard flavors you haven’t even thought of like wasabi, blue cheese, chocolate and much, much more. 

National Mustard Day 

Want more mustard?

Visit the National Mustard Museum on the first Saturday in August. It’s an annual street festival celebration where guests can enjoy, music, entertainment, hot dogs, bratwurst, and more free mustard samplings. 

Happy Tasting

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