It’s that time of year again – well it is for those who live in a cold weather climate! It’s the time of year to get ready for winter driving and taking all precautions to make sure your car is safe to drive in the rough winter weather conditions. Even for the most experienced drivers, operating a motor vehicle can be extremely difficult when driving through snow and ice. The first step to preparing for safety when driving through winter conditions is preparing your car for it. Take a look at some way to prepare your car for winter driving.

1. Check your vehicle to see if it is due for a tune-up.

If it is, be sure to have a tune-up done well before the bad winter weather starts. It’s important to have a tune up because extremely cold weather can make any existing issues worse.

2. Have the car’s electrical system checked out.

More specifically, the battery area and charging arrangement. In case you didn’t know, really cold weather can hinder the charging system in a vehicle.

3. Test your car’s HVAC system.

No one wants to be stuck without heat in the middle of winter! It’s important to check out all defrosters, wipers and heaters, not just for your warmth, but for the safety of your windows for sight purposes as well. Closely check the heating system to make sure the core doesn’t leak and the blower works – this is very important!

4. Check your windshield wiper fluid often.

Many times in the winter the fluid may freeze, so it’s best to replace it with a special spray useful in freezing conditions to avoid this from happening.

Car On A Snowy Country Road

5. Upgrade your blades.

Adding on to that be sure to purchase special winter wiper blades that will cut through snow and ice. These are much more effective and safe than regular windshield wiper blades.

6. Clean your spray nozzles.

One more thing important about your windshield…check the spray nozzles on your windshield-washer system! Cleaning them is simple; just use a needle or pin to clear out any blockage.

7. Get your brakes tested.

Making sure your car can stop is kind of a big deal, so get those brakes checked!

8. Tread carefully with your tires.

Once your brakes are good to go, make sure they are used effectively with good tires. Be sure to check the tread on your tires. Is the tread worn? You can tell by the smoothness of the surface. If it’s smooth or you haven’t had your tired changed in a long time, be sure to get them checked and replaced as soon as possible. You may want to add tire chains and salt or kitty litter to your trunk to help in slippery situations.

9. Do an all-around light check.

Do a walk around and check all the exterior lights on your vehicle. The front lights, rear and hazards should all be operational.

Do you have any tips for preparing your car for winter driving? Tell us your tips in the comments!