I’ve got a business trip coming up later this month. It’s one of those quick turnaround trips in that I’ll be flying out a Thursday afternoon and I’ll be back at home in time for dinner by Friday evening. I tend to get pretty frazzled but quick trips like this but hey, business is business, right? I already have an idea of what I’ll be packing when it comes to clothes and toiletries but I am absolutely stuck on whether or not I should take my laptop or tablet. I’m not one of those people who swap one for the other. I am pretty dependent on both of them. However, taking both just isn’t an option. I suppose weighing the pro’s and con’s for each would be the best way to figure this out…

Pro’s for Taking The Laptop
-A keyboard!
-Programs downloaded on laptop will be easily accessible.
-Every file I need is already on the computer.

Con’s For Taking The Laptop:
-It’s much heavier than a tablet.
-There’s always a chance of it getting banged up during travel.
-It isn’t so convenient to take out during a flight.

Pro’s for Taking The Tablet
-It’s lighter than a laptop!
-It has a much longer battery life.
-Will function great for checking emails and watching movies in-flight.

Con’s For Taking The Tablet
-It can easily be stolen.
-It doesn’t have a great keyboard.
-It doesn’t have every program I may need on my trip.


It’s a tough decision but I think I’m going to go with taking a tablet. Because the trip is so quick, I can’t imagine that I’ll need to do a ton of work. Plus, if I really need to use a desktop, I suppose I can use one at the hotel that I’ll be staying at. I think it’ll work! How do you decide between bringing your laptop or tablet while traveling? Does the length of the trip matter?