If the “what should be obvious signs” haven’t been obvious enough for you, we’ve got a nice list of reasons why you just may need a getaway. If you’re like us and don’t need a list to tell you what you may already know, then what are you waiting for? Get to planning a solo trip, couples trip or vacation with the family!

10 Signs You Nee a Vacation

1. You haven’t used ANY of your authorized vacation time from work. Aren’t you quite the workaholic? While vacation time can be used for anything, we find it best when used for…vacations. All work and no play makes us all stressed little somethings. Don’t hold on to all of that vacation time – use it!

2. You can’t remember the last time you relaxed. And going to bed at night doesn’t count. If you find that you haven’t relaxed in weeks, months or years (we certainly hope this isn’t the case) something tells us you are past due for a vacation.

3. You’ve been feeling overwhelmed or stressed lately. Has work been stressful? Are the kids more rowdy than usual? Whatever the reason, we do know the remedy for stress can be a vacation.

4. You catch yourself reminiscing about past vacations. If you’re still telling people about that time you went to Cabo in 1996, we think it’s time that you make plans so that you can have a new story to tell.

10 Signs You Need a Vacation

5. The screen savers on your computer are all of beautiful beaches and mountains. We’re curious as to why you can tease yourself like that? Don’t get us wrong – we love beautiful landscapes and destination photos like anyone else, but it’s only a matter of time before we get to booking flights to said destinations.

6. Your coworkers, friends and family members all tell you that you need a vacation. We don’t think there needs to be any explanations for this one.

7. Some days you wish your morning cup of joe would morph into a piƱa colada. Oh, and let’s not forget the umbrella!

8. You spend time looking at rental car rates and flight prices and destinations but don’t go as far as to book anything. Are you teasing yourself again? Why must you do that? When you get those “Flight Deals and Sales”-type emails, don’t just scroll through the listings to see what’s available. Take it a step further and book a flight.

9. You get to fuming every time a coworker talks about their amazing island vacation.We’re not mind readers, but perhaps the reason why you’re fuming is that you’re in need of a story to show off as well!

10. Because…you just do. Don’t you think you deserve it? You work hard enough. That’s as good of a reason as any!

10 Signs You Need a Vacation