It’s the time of year where we not only prep for the weather changes and traveling, but some of us start cleaning out our houses for the arrival of house guests. For some, the sheer mention of house guests can bring about horrible memories. Wanted and unwanted house guests can come with their own set of issues. Being the sweethearts that we are, we have decided to compile a list of Do’s and Don’ts for house guests. This will come in handy if you are visiting friends and family members during the holidays. Also, if you plan on having guests, we think you can come up with a creative way to share this blog post with them. You can thank us later.


Ask what you can bring-If you’ve given your friends or family members enough warning for when you plan on arriving, we’re sure that they have already prepared for you. However, everyone loves a visitor with manners. If your visiting quarters are small, ask if you can bring an air mattress. If you know cooking will take place, ask if you can bring a dish or perhaps bring the ingredients to help cook the dish yourself.

Always offer to help clean up-There are two types of people in the world; those that clean up and those that do not. If you find yourself to be one of the latter, attempt to become a neat freak while visiting someone else’s home. Guys, that means putting down the toilet seat and offering to clean a dish now and then. Most people won’t ask their guests to help clean, but they certainly won’t turn them down if they offer either.

How To Be A Good House Guest

Stay confined to guest quarters-This doesn’t mean that you can’t venture to the kitchen to eat and the bathroom to shower. It is best to keep your belongings in one area. If you kick your socks off in the living room, be sure to grab them before you head to your bedroom. Refrain from having your items spread throughout the entire house.

Flow with the family’s schedule as much as possible-If you find yourself to be a night owl and enjoy watching TV in the wee hours of the morning, be considerate and change your schedule a bit. Being a house guest means not always being able to do things WHEN you want to do them. Love making smoothies at 2:00 a.m.? Your sister-in-law may not appreciate you whipping one up at after she’s gotten your nine-month-old niece to go to bed finally.

Leave or send a Thank You note-While it isn’t mandatory, who doesn’t love receiving Thank You cards? A handwritten card letting a family know how grateful you were to them can speak volumes. Even if you’ve managed to go against the other previous Do’s, a Thank You card can trump everything.

thank you note


Help yourself to the kitchen-Nothing infuriates anyone more than NOT finding what they thought they left in the fridge. Even if that last piece of pumpkin pie is calling your name, fight the temptation and leave it alone. Steer clear of the family’s food unless you brought it yourself or they offered it to you.

How To Be A Good House Guest

Snoop around-But, of course, this one goes without saying, right? Snooping around your own home is bad enough, but it can end worse if you’re caught snooping while visiting someone else’s home. And yes, that does include the medicine cabinet.

Parent the homeowner’s children-Let’s face it; kids can be annoying little somethings. Even if you have tolerance for your own children’s antics, it isn’t always easy dealing with someone else’s little ones. As a house guest, the last thing you want to do is be caught disciplining rowdy kids. Your best bet is to notify the parents.

How To Be A Good House Guest

Wear out your welcome-A delayed flight forcing you to stay an extra night is one thing. Getting a change of address and requesting your house key is something else. Even if your friends and family members appear sad when you tell them you’re leaving, they may be leaping with joy inside.

Invite your guests over-Unless you have already asked the homeowners, inviting your guests as a big no-no.

How To Be A Good House Guest